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    I love my niggas

    Thanks for the support and help with that shit. I’ll come back stronger and crazier once I finish the part out and grab that fc. But that bimmer tho¬†

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    "No fakers only real niggas among us"

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    I keep it playin but it’s real where I’m from

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    Man I fucking love THE BAY

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    My partner got us set up today.

    Nigga with a strap ran off with 2 of our zips. ¬†Stupid nigga don’t know that we know his full name and that he go to Richmond High. Stupid ass kids, I’m tryna keep it joog for the town but the snakes ruin everything.

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    If I don’t find a Twin Turbo MKIV or a Nismo 370z then I think I’m gonna end up going for an Evo X or Sti Hatch. Can it be time already?! Fuck

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    soon. work first though

    soon. work first though

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